The Building Process

Once your pool design is complete, you'll want to see your new pool in your backyard as soon as possible.  That is our goal as well!  With an investment as important as your new pool, you'll want us to take the necessary steps to ensure quality workmanship.  Here are the phases that will bring your new pool to life.

1. Permitting
The first step is to obtain a swimming pool permit to begin construction.  Permits are issued by the city in which you live and must be posted for the various inspections required by your city.  We'll secure an official permit for you.  If there is a homeowners association involved, permission must first be obtained before we can proceed.  Throughout the construction process, inspections will be made by city inspectors in order to assure that all city codes are being met. 

2. Layout
Your pool will be professionally ‘drawn out’ according to your pool design, including the location of your pumps and filters, lights, skimmers, and water features.  This is the first opportunity for you to see your pool in your yard.

3. Excavation
Upon approval of the layout design, we will begin digging. The type of excavation is usually determined by the amount of room that is available for the excavation equipment and truck.

4. Plumbing & Steel
Schedule 40 PVC pipe will be used for all your plumbing. Then rebar (steel) will be installed in the shape of your pool in a grid pattern.

5. Electrical
A licensed, professional electrical contractor will carefully make all of the electrical connections in your pool using National Electrical Code approved conduit, wire and bonding.

6. Shotcrete
Shotcrete is a mixture of sand, rock, cement, water and fibermix additive for extra strength.  It is applied with a high pressure hose.  The shotcrete along with the steel grid provides the structural strength to support the weight of the water.

7. Water Features
If your pool includes a waterfall or accent boulders, they are installed at this point.  Your waterfall will be a unique complement to your back yard project.

8. Decking
Decking will be a minimum two feet wide in all walking areas.  The layout of your decking is limited only by your imagination.

9. Tile
You have the selection of a wide variety of glazed ceramic tiles or popular stone-look tiles that will be hand set and carefully grouted around the waterline of your pool.  You can also add decorative mosaic tiles to be placed on your pool's steps or love seat for added beauty.

10. Interior Surfacing
Once your pool passes your city's building inspection, an experienced surfacing crew will apply the pool interior of your choice. Our surfacing crews use extra care to create a seamless interior finish where steps and walls meet the pool floor.

11. Deck Surfacing
The options of various acrylic deck toppings such as flagstone, tile, brick borders, lace patterns or other creative stone work will now be professionally applied.

12. Start Up & Orientation
Our start up technician will finish the installation of your pool's cleaning system.  After balancing the pool's water chemistry, he will start up your new pool and familiarize you with the operation of your new pool.